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Doula Care

Image by Markus Winkler
How Doula Service Works

A Birthworker Doula’s role is to support birth choices, empowering your confidence to invoke the kind of birth experience you want to have.

Preparing for your baby is one of the most transformative times, and welcoming in new life is truly a divine rite of passage. 


The Doula care I provide encompasses a full cycle from preparing for pregnancy, all the way through the childbearing year, and onwards as your family continues to grow. Each package holds space for you to drop into awareness and call in what is needed at each stage of your journey. Your package is created consciously to flexibly fit your family, and draws on a wealth of holistic practice, healing wisdom and protective support.

I provide additional extended Childcare Services, Homecare Services & Deeper Healing Work and offer packages in a financially flexible way to accommodate everyone.

Through each session we have the opportunity to explore your layers of the sacred birth experience through traditions, ceremony and ritual practice our forebears used, connecting the ancestral line between where you come from, and the new life you are bringing to the world. Through the opening expansion of pregnancy, the deeper layers of being unfold and here in this space your all important story is able to be embraced and held lovingly as we intuitively listen into what feels most meaningful, nourishing, nurturing and supportive.


Below are some example packages that run through each stage of the journey and beyond into family foundations.

Services & Packages

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing your ground, tending to your soil.

  • Dietary guidance, Herbal & Homeopathic remedies, 

  • Bodywork- Massage therapy, Yoga & Conscious movement

  • Preparing mind & space 

  • Honouring ancestral lineage and clearing trauma

  • Womb gratitude ceremony 

  • Journaling & connecting to your story

 £300 for four sessions

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Conscious Conception

Creating sacred space to consciously conceive your baby.


  • Welcoming Fertility Ritual

  • Prayers and Intention Ceremony

  • Conception Ceremony

  • Exploring ancient conception and invitation rituals

 £250 for three sessions

Image by Ella Jardim

 £350 for four sessions

The Blooming- Prenatal Pregnancy care 

Taking care of parents needs in the time before birth


  • Birth plan

  • Options and intervention

  • Bodywork, Mindwork, Soulwork

  • Express and exchange space

  • Mother Blessing


Image by Matthew T Rader

Birth Journey

Your labour and the protected space to birth 


  • This plan is fully flexible to accommodate your needs during birth. 

  • Accompaniment to Hospital or Birth Centre

  • Companionship at home 

 £600 for Birth

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Harvest-Postnatal care 

The precious time after birth

  • Mother care- time out for rest & healing

  • Childcare- taking care of newborn and siblings

  • Partner care-time out for rest & healing

  • Includes, Cooking, Cleaning, Petcare, 

  • Holistic treatments and specialised postnatal care 

  • Placenta care, Rebozo and binding, Massage, Reiki,

  • Sharing space & Debrief

 £350 for four sessions

Image by Sébastien Goldberg

 £200 for three sessions

New Paths- Exploring the journey and celebrating transitions

New family dynamics 


  • Creating sacred space to express and exchange 

  • New baby ceremony 

  • Partner time

  • Exploring new roles, what that means and where to walk

Image by Todd Cravens

 £200 for three sessions

The Doorway- Into parenthood 

Parent support for a healthy family 


  • Expanding the toolbox

  • Support networking

  • Keeping your own fire

  • Feeding your family fire 

Childrens care

Full Circle

Keeping balanced in your first year of parenthood


  • Raising healthy children

  • Reflection time 

  • Needs & desires for healthy relationships

 £300 for five sessions

Image by Juan Cruz Mountford


Family sessions to keep the sacred flame burning bright 


  • Group family sessions 

  • Ceremonial family practice 

  • Nature therapy connection 

  • Ongoing companionship and bonding 

 £400 for six sessions per year

Image by Annie Spratt

Childrens Fire 

Sessions for children celebrating important moments and practicing tools for healthy development

  • Naturally you- Developing sense of self

  • Exploring and developing tools and meaningful connections

  • Initiation Ceremony- Rites of passage

  • Natural mindfulness exercises

  • Companionship and bonding 

 £400 for six sessions per year

Additional Services

Each package is fully flexible and can be adjusted to fit what works for you. You can create your package to include any of the therapies I offer, and also additional family care and financially flexible access packages-dependent on circumstances. 


Additional services are available to supplement your packages and fit your needs

Childcare Services- For children of all ages including outings and workshops  

Deeper Healing Work- Connecting into treatments available to continue a deeper process

Homecare Services- To clean and care for your space including cooking, housekeeping, laundry, shopping & organisation 

Find out more about additional services and financially flexible access through Ethics or enquire Here  

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