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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Nova's Bio

(Walking with Gaia, 1991)

As far back as I can remember i've followed a longing to understand what it is to be here alive on our beautiful Earth. Curiosity compels peering into awareness and each time I look deep, the mystery grows and I grow with it.

My early life foundations formed around my dearest teacher Gaia. Growing up in the wild, my parent's teachings showed me how to take care of our world, and through their kinship with Earth we lived a relationship of respect with land and the familiar family of plants and animals that accompanied us over the years. It was here as a child I first remember deep dreams and wild whispers of The Great Mother calling me back home.

Through turbulent teenage years of change I reclaimed my path and began my journey as a healer-qualifying as a Holistic Therapist in 2005. In the years since I studied what we put into our bodies 

(Herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Flower Essences and Nutrition) I studied what we can receive and give out energetically (Reiki, Chi, Prana) How when we are able to listen and express ourselves with words and movement (Conscious Communication, Listening In, Intuitive Natural Movement) we can begin to really heal. With positive manipulation, we can rehabilitate our physical bodies to create balance (Holistic Bodywork, Massage, Reflexology) and begin to know again what our ancestors before us knew (Shamanic Practice, Earth Wisdom Teachings, The Power of Story) that all things are connected and how sound, breath and your own practice (Yoga, Sound Healing, Breathwork) are vital foundations and ancient tools for a healing, balanced journey. 

The many courses attended and teachings received over the fifteen years since, have woven together to allow me to share healing mediums that are a culmination of several studies, influenced from traditions held across the world. My practice of healing is an evolving continuum and by regularly attending courses and workshops, I am able to share a diversity of modalities that are my way of life and continue to support the people I work with to heal and grow.

My ongoing study of healing is supported through the Federation of Holistic Therapists and by being a member of the largest professional association in the UK for complementary therapy, I am able to stay grounded and connected, consciously responding in the changing times that surround us.

Continuing, I look forward to ongoing training as a Birthworker through Doula Practice, and plan to begin a three year Shamanic teaching commencing in 2021.

Alongside continuing study and practice of holistic healing, I studied Conservation and Ecology and worked in a variety of support roles for the NHS and private healthcare practice. Over the last five years, combined with supporting international projects and healing retreats, some of my time has been spent supporting families and their children as a Nanny. Through working with children it's clear that they are the future, and through our teachings now, they will decide the importance of what happens to the world next.

The true nature of what I offer has begun to come full circle. A full life cycle, from conception to end of life care, held in both modern and ancient medicine and founded from a growing awareness of whole earth ecology and a held belief that it is up to us to bring forward necessary support that allows ourselves and future generations to thrive.

Through diversity within my professional life, I have had the continuing privilege of working closely with people. By invitation, I've been present as a compassionate companion, walking alongside others as their paths open up, and the value of exploration reveals itself. This honour is reflected back into a relationship between us where space is created for supportive empowerment, opening possibility needed for transition into a state of true wellness.

Being present in tender times of great need it has become clearer how we as a nation are often isolated from remedy and repair that was once easier to find, and how in this place, it's easy to become distanced from feeling the level of abundant support that allows us to thrive.

Through working in nursing, support work, childcare and as a therapist, I received insight into the true state and welfare of many through first hand experience. This awareness has been integral teaching that enabled me to develop an understanding of what is happening to people in these times we find ourselves in, and how we can respond to the call for change with the recreation of a system of care that is more effective, expansive and inclusive.

My experience of the much undervalued and vital National Health Service was one of a support system failing under the constraints of restricted resources, influenced and generalised by targets, time and money. As hard as one works in this system, it's rare to be able to give the care you would like to give, or wish to receive. This system relies primarily on pharmaceutical medicine which has great value and a place saving lives but generally isn't used well, all to often becoming a causative of long term illness rather than an effective remedy.

Working with families I feel parents growing pressure juggling modern life in the smaller family tribes we live in now, with many less people to sharing the raising of children, and how the deficit continues.

What was once a family affair of multiple extended members and community, has become as small as single working parent and child. In this smaller sphere, I see women especially having to adapt and adopt the role of both parents, creating increasingly less time to be with loved ones, less time for children, wider family and dear friends, and in the absence of time and energy there is less opportunity for the parents of today to tend to their wellness and the ongoing need for wellness of the wider world.

It was in my time working as a support worker it really hit home how deprived many people living in care are. The elderly especially were all too often alone, isolated from family, community and the companionship, support and real care needed. This system showed itself to me as something more recognisable as a survival based operation, often failing to support quality of life or dignity and respect deserved. Being employed to be with someone in their final moments, I wondered how it is that we face being unable to look after the people we love in their time of need and how it has become so difficult in today's world, to accommodate the lives of other people within our own.

One day I walked bare and empty in the wilderness, looking for resolution for disillusion.

I asked, 'why is it like this?' and with each step understanding began to unfold.

As beings we have gradually become distanced from rich culture and meaningful heritage, estranged from the knowledge of our place and land we grow from, far from our once so precious tradition, and the much needed access the wisdom of nature's medicine. Indigenous stories that spark emotional connections of deep meaning fade and become lost, our songs and dances that unite us with each other and celebration of life and earth, now whispers for many. Community divided, families separated, we've become unable to recognise ourselves or our tribe. Feeling alone, we look for what we belong to because who we really are has been forgotten. With each generation the gap seems to grow as we lose our elders who hold wisdom of time before we were here, and in the carelessness of the modern world, the younger generations seek blindly for guidance and meaning while indigenous people who still live connected, continue to be removed from their land and teachings, destroying tradition that we so desperately need. In the modern world real connection is lost, covered up by the steady dissociation of wholeness and integration with the illusion of separation.

So how do we reconnect and form a deeper sense of true self and belonging in a world of kinship?

By becoming the change we want to see.

I thought deeply about what I want to see and how I can become that change. My deeper being wants to see a future where resource distribution is naturally equal and fair, just as nature intends and can provide. I long for regeneration and restoration of our natural world so that all species have a chance to survive. I dream of the resurgence of ancient wisdom continuing to grow and our connections re established with real medicine, our planet, community and meaningful tradition. I'd like to see a change in how we treat ourselves, because how we treat ourselves is how we treat each other and the world, and I'd like to be allowed more time to be with my loved ones, follow my practice, hold myself compassionately and grow to be more of service, embracing the brave and wonderful world where there is still possibility to create a true paradise.

Within these longings, years of deep work unfolded and with compassion, support and courage, I continue to take on challenges that come, and in response, receive the resolution needed to walk forward. I decided to become the change I want to see, to take a good look starting at my own two feet and step up in awareness to what I am responsible for. My own life.

There are so many people who complain and see to blame society, it's easy to make it someone else's problem that we find ourselves here, but that's no solution.

Through gradual discovery I realised I have the power of voice and choice. A privilege in this world of inequality where so many people just like me don't. I feel duty of responsibility to use what I can do to open up options to create more equality through positive empowerment. This is what has meaning for me, and is something I am able to do to make a difference today.

The call for a brighter future created The Resonance Project and through relationship with what matters most to me, it came into being.

The Resonance Project is a community based project designed to offer opportunity, connection and accessibility to people who are ready to take responsibility for the evolution and wellness of their own lives, growing beyond to reciprocally share resources in a collectively conscious capacity.

Through the healing work we take on as individuals, we make a commitment to be heal for what is ours to resolve. When resources are available free from financial or circumstantial exclusivity, we access a reciprocal cycle that thrives on natural and organic sustainability, and just like the giving and receiving we see in nature, we become connected and surrounded by abundance and support allowing our transition towards a supportive brighter future.

The ethos behind The Resonance Project was a concept I actively lived worldwide, volunteering myself in service supporting and learning ancient wisdom teachings with healers and shamanic leaders from the Americas, Europe, Africa and the East. Many of these teachings have no "certification" and can only be verified through experience, however I believe they have had the deepest impact on my understanding of myself, The Resonance Project, and the healing work I am here to do.

I observed and studied with people who still hold and teach Earth's wisdom and was welcomed in such kindness and generosity. I know this kindness personally to be our fair, true human nature.

Living in nature, without time, without a use for money, it's easy to remember how all life has been sustained for millennia by taking only what is needed, and sharing equally with what surrounds us.

As an unspoken respect adhered to by all living things, this knowing, somewhat lost in this time, is always alive in nature. Gratitude consciousness is a way of life when we understand how our very survival is our connection to the environment and the living beings that sustain this whole living planet.

The ecology of land is made of intricately balanced and precise series of lifeforms cohabiting that not only enable each other to flourish but have served us, and continue to do so in thousands of ways, seen and unseen. In nature there is a remedy for everything, and because earth creates this way, if allowed to work organically without manipulation and modification there is possibility for the resolution of so many problems we are seeing today.

Experiencing the power of nature in organic, raw form-as intended, it's easier to make a clearer comparison between natural medicine and pharmaceutical medicine. Artificial pharmaceutical medicine, derived from natures wisdom is created by isolating and concentrating the intensity of an naturally occurring active chemical plant compound, which does indeed work to give a desired effect, but leaves out the essential constituents and concentration that a whole plant carries in its original being. This whole essence is what creates the symbiosis to heal the many interconnected layers of illness that modern science isolates and separates. In doing so we create a chemical compound that, because of its unnatural strength and in absence of its full molecular and energetic structure, creates side effects, dependency and damaging long term illness. Big pharma executes a grasp that continues to hook the vulnerable, claiming to be a miracle, instantaneous cure-all remedy. It is in this way the industry degrades, devalues and restricts original plant medicine that grows naturally for free in its true healing form, and exposes a real failure to recognise the immense and perfect power of nature. Mother earths medicine does really work, and for every ailment there is a remedy. These remedies from the land, now restricted and even illegal, have left us ostracised from the medicine that our ancestors knew, healing knowledge that belongs to us as part of our heritage and tradition, and by right, should be available to all. I feel pharmaceutical finances are the driving force behind one of the biggest controlling distortions of truth that the modern world would claim is beneficial for our wellbeing.

To counterbalance this distortion I chose to support medicine men and women with their practice of indigenous, ancient wisdom and became involved in the facilitation of retreats and ceremonies that combine vision quests, temazcales, and shamanic journeying through sound, story, dance and earth medicine. This experience through teachings and practice became the connecting force that inspired me to take what I can do into action.

Returning to the UK began to offer healing reduced cost, via donation and financially free connected to a network of true teachers and healers who also understand the importance of also offering their work accessibly and sustainably. Choosing to step out of the restriction of exchanging money alone for healing, we step back into how healing was once always exchanged and received, with respect, gratitude and as a duty to the fellow members of your community. I now offer this service sustainably to people who really want to do work that we are being called to in these times, and the ethos behind this concept of community before self can only work when everyone joins in, willing to give what they can and take only what they need.

To me, this is what Earth is calling for. It's what our children are asking us to do for their future. It's what our brothers and sisters all across the world need to be able to live in equality, free of war and poverty.

It's what the animals plants and fungi need us to do so that they can survive and keep us, and all lifeforms alive. The answer to our issues are inside of each and every one us, and our own individual wellness and evolution is of great value and vitally important in the continuum of what happens next.

Through disillusion in the current world order and the way that the unequal distribution of resource and money currently control our way of life, the echo for the call for change comes. There is absolutely no good reason at this time in our consciousness, why some of us live with far more than we need and others at the opposite end of the spectrum struggle and are denied what they need to survive.

Earth is still beautifully abundant. We have enough resources here right now to sustain everything if we work wisley to create balance. We are entering a time now when there is a great urgency to act, a great need to work together to build foundations for the future so that all life can continue.

It takes us changing one by one on a core level to make a difference that lasts throughout our lives and lives on to be passed onto future generations. It takes us stepping up together and standing out of the box we find ourselves in so that we can share what we find that has meaning, inspiring equilibrium in our own lives, for our family, community and beyond

Our individual revolution for our own evolution expands out to connect to a much bigger worldwide one, and the seeds we plant today for positive futures can be beneficial for so many when they are nurtured to grow and thrive. The energy of reciprocal giving and receiving has much greater power, reach and longevity than financial exchange alone. The outcome of sharing and giving instead of taking and withholding is an intervention to take back power into the hands of people who share and use this power with wisdom and integrity to support foundations for a future system.

To be part of future forward thinking we can be activists for the wisdom within and all around us, we can be solutions realising and sharing our resources by supporting and connecting to ourselves and each other. With instinctive origins alive, we are able to invite wholeness of our true being and honour our elemental nature and the unique energy needed for this transition into a different world dynamic that supports all.

Simply, If you believe in a concept that we can use collectively to reclaim our power, reclaim our health and our opportunity to reconnect, then I warmly welcome to walk alongside, plant your seeds of change to set your own revolution in motion and empower yourself and others around you to become the change you want to see. Big change starts small- it starts inside each of us, If we want something different for the future if we want the world to change we have to be ready to make that change.

At this time in my journey I am walking deeply with connection to supporting the raising of consciousness through conscious conception, birth and parenting practice for the supportive evolution of families and children. Having worked with many families and children I decided to become a foster carer which connects my work to vulnerable children and families who need this resource more now than ever at this changing time in Earth's history.

I am also preparing ground for the official launch of The Resonance Project here in the UK. If you would like to find out more and become connected and involved you are welcome to make Contact

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