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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Ethos /ˈiːθɒs/The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

Be The Change You Want To See

Our own awareness is how we change our world.

Our potential is limitless

We are each here today to forge a unique path of experience and within all of us all is a great power able to create the experience we want to have.

As with any journey, the experience of life holds diversity of polarities. We meet our joy and grief, pleasure and pain and fall between equilibrium and disharmony. Through this imprint we receive our teachings and the medicine that enables us to learn and grow.

Understanding and acknowledging where we are, what we are doing in service to ourselves, and what is able to be released that we no longer need, we identify what's needed to transition forward in balance

Our wisdom is within us. We are our own solution to every problem.

Generations of humans have walked Earth living a relationship of respect with surrounding life.

We are the descendants of a great lineage of wisdom, our ancestors handed us their sacred memories inside of tradition, ceremony, sound and story. These memories are stored and available to us through practices still alive today. 

Our own cellular memory of our bodies have a knowing and they speak to us through dis-ease, pain and imbalance. We are made of Earth, and so in this way we can connect to the wealth of organic intelligence stored and safe within all of life.

This knowledge is our heritage alive within the plants, animals and fungi, the elements of water, air, fire and earth. The nature of Earth is to nurture and provide, sustaining the gift of life, and the wellspring of healing we receive when connected to our life source.

Our body reaches out to us through illness. In our mind we meet and manifest our stories that create our experience of life. Our souls speak through hearts purity, deep fulfilment and justice in truth. Everything is intertwined and where a part of us is calling for attention,  all aspects of us are affected and asking for assistance.

Through holistic therapy, ancient teaching and Earth based wisdom, avenues open to assist transition to a place where our needs are acknowledged and met and our wounds can be held and healed. In sacred safe space we invite and remember the power of our origins by invoking what is needed into being.  

To honour how incredible it is to be here, a generation still surrounded by abundance, we can choose to express our gratitude by growing, becoming wise and remembering what we all once knew, that everything is sacred and everything is connected.

The relationship with who we are and what has meaning for us is a starting point to develop our reconnection between us and what matters. Now at this time, we have the opportunity to look forward at how to rebuild relationships that are reciprocal, mutually beneficial and support all life, dynamic relationships that have power to create the brightest futures for our descendants.

The reciprocal cycle.

My devotion and support for a brighter future is channeled into Therapy, Doula Care and Family Support sessions to lean into rich resources available welcomed by empowering wealth of wisdom and restorative remedy.

Through my work you can find accessible care, workshops and retreats offered flexibly and sustainably for your wellbeing

Pure possibility expands when we are free to grow 

You can find more about the ethos behind Resonance Healing at through We Resonate

To enquire about options available to you Contact Here

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