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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Ethics/ˈɛθɪks/ Moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

Cycles of life and The reciprocal cycle 

The reciprocal cycle of energetic exchange is an ancient presence and all forms of life follow it's cycle.

Just as living matter dies and returns to earth, it's energy restores the fertility of the land feeding and sustaining growth, as the next generation comes into existence through it's nourishment.

This principle is the foundation of thought form we can take into energetic form by sharing what we have, supporting energy needed to evolve, transition and grow well.

The ethics I support hold open the reciprocal cycle through accessible sessions, retreats and workshops available reduced cost, by donation and financially free.

This flexibility opens options to support freedom to receive, creating access equality to accommodate those who may be experiencing circumstances difficult to transition through without such a service.

Accessibility- How it all works

I offer a variety of financially flexible one to one sessions working with:

Transitional Plans and Transitional Projects -which include all the services I offer

Doula Care packages can be adjusted and created in a fully flexible way

For Healers, Therapists and Teachers I offer Healing Share Circles and Healing Exchange

Transitional Plans

Transitional plans are multi modality healing systems that create full circle holistic care. By connecting therapy for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, transitional plans hold full spectrum healing modalities, offered in a financially flexible way. In this space it is possible to explore, in freedom, a wider field of healing discovering combinations of therapy that really work.

Distance Healing and Online Appointments

Through distance and online sessions access is available for Reiki Energy Healing, Connections, Consultations, Meditations and Listening Based Therapies at reduced cost or via donation.

Exploring pregnancy, birth and beyond through doula care, we connect to nourishing support for the divine right of passage into parenthood. Support for families seems more important than ever in these times, and I feel that parents planning pregnancy and pregnant women should have access to plans and packages which are completely flexible both with their content, and financially to accommodate everyone's needs.

Free Resources

There are also a wealth of free connections available through:

You can keep connected through the monthly Newsletter 

To discuss your options for your journey, or to find out more about the accessibility I offer, you are invited to make Contact

If you would like to make a donation towards your session or a session for someone else, you can do so Here

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