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Be The Change You Want To See

Our own awareness is how we change our world

Ethos /ˈiːθɒs/The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

The infinite energy dynamics of the universe are always available

You are here today to forge your own path of experience and within is a great power able to create the life you dream of.

As with any journey, the experience of life holds a diversity of polarities. We meet our joy and grief, pleasure and pain and fall between equilibrium and disharmony. In true reflection we hold an imprint of all experience and through this experience we receive our teaching and the medicine that enables us to learn and grow.


When we discern, understand and acknowledge where we are, what we are doing in service to ourselves and what is able to be released that we no longer need, we identify what is necessary to transition and walk within deep wellness as we live within the light of our own discovery.



Our wisdom is within us. We are our own solution to every problem.

Generations of humans have walked Earth living a relationship of respect for surrounding life.

We are the descendants of a great lineage of wisdom, our ancestors handed us their sacred memories inside of tradition, ceremony, sound and story. These memories are stored and available to us through practices still alive today. 


Our own cellular memory of our bodies have a knowing and they speak to us through dis-ease, pain and imbalance. We are made of Earth, and so in this way we can connect to the wealth of organic intelligence stored and safe within all of life.


This knowledge is our heritage alive within the plants, animals and fungi, the elements of water, air, fire and earth. The natural world has sustained itself in balance for millenia, we receive this gift of life through the immense natural intelligence of living Earth. When we feel isolated, we can choose to remember that we, as indigenous earth natives-are this intelligence, the power of our true being is always connected, and it's here we have a choice to reverse our disconnection to earth's wisdom and reconnect to true healing.


Everything around us and inside of us is speaking a language through a sensational symbolic dialogue that holds its own message. I stand today, in kinship with others who want to help bring this dialogue through to those who hear the call and are taking time to listen.



Our body reaches out to us through illness. In our mind we meet and manifest our stories that create our experience of life. Our souls speak through hearts purity, deep fulfilment and justice in truth. Everything is intertwined and where a part of us is calling for attention,  all aspects of us are affected and asking for assistance.


The wisdom of being aware is open to everyone and sacred divinity is alive inside of all of us. Intuitive knowings voice whispers, and with due care and attention is given, we are able to hear the message our inner and outer worlds are speaking. To honour the messages we hold, we are asked to raise our awareness in this time in earth's history, to where we are actively integrating what we are hearing and using our wisdom to create the future we want to see. 

Through holistic therapy, ancient teaching and Earth based wisdom, avenues open to assist our progression and transition to a place where our needs are acknowledged and met and our wounds can be held and healed. 

In sacred safe space we are invited to remember and call upon the inner power of our origins to invoke what is needed into being.  


To honour how incredible it is to be here, a generation still surrounded by abundance, we can choose to express our gratitude by growing, becoming wise and remembering what we all once knew, that everything is sacred and everything is connected.


The relationship with who we are and what has meaning for us is a starting point to develop our reconnection to what we long for, want we want to heal, and who we want to be. Now at this time, we have opportunity to look forward at how to rebuild relationships to ourselves and the world that are reciprocal, mutually beneficial and support all life. It's here at our own two feet that we create the dynamic relationships that have power to manifest the brightest futures for ourselves and all our relations and descendants.

The reciprocal cycle.

My devotion and support for a brighter future is channeled into a concept of reciprocal energetic exchange that exists and thrives on organic and natural sustainability. I express my exchange through holistic healing that is accessible, realistically achievable and involves possibility for everyone. You can find out more about accessibility and Ethics Here

This concept exists for a future potential where the cycle of energetic exchange has opportunity to grow beyond financial exchange, an intricate balance to be respected for it's deep power to positively change the world we live in.

I offer access to sessions, retreats and workshops at reduced cost and financially free in connection with 

The Resonance Project 

Inside of the project's network are a collective of  therapists, teachers and members who resonate also with sharing their work and commitment for change inside a secure space of exchange.


If you feel the stirring of your inner knowing, you are invited to connect and set your revolution for evolution in motion.


Pure possibility expands when we are free to grow.

With personal power ignited, dreams can grow as big as we dare to vision. Hearts desire can come true.

I believe this because of the healing miracles that happen to people every day, and from the journey of my own story. 


You can find more about the ethos behind Resonance Healing and my journey through We Resonate

To enquire about options available to you Contact Here


With hope for the future,

Brightest Wishes 




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