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How it all works 
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Ethics/ˈɛθɪks/ Moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity.



Cycles of life and The reciprocal cycle 


The reciprocal cycle of energetic exchange is ancient and all forms of life follow its cycle.

Just as living matter dies and returns to earth, it's energy restores the fertility of the land and feeds and sustains the growth of all life forms as the next generation comes into existence through its nourishment.


This principle is the foundation of thought form that we can take into energetic form by sharing what we have, supporting energy needed to evolve, transition and grow well.

The ethics I support hold open the reciprocal cycle through accessible sessions, retreats and workshops available at reduced cost, donation and financially free. 


This flexibility supports options which are offered to support the freedom to receive what is needed with less restriction and accommodating those who may be experiencing circumstances difficult to transition through without such a service.



Accessibility- How it all works

I offer a variety of financially flexible one to one sessions working with 

Transitional Plans and Transitional Projects aligned  to connect deeply with resonance

Distance healing and Online appointments

Doula based support for Conscious Conception and Conscious Birth

Through The Resonance Project network you can find Workshops and Retreats available accessibly in kinship with other healers.

For Healers, Therapists and Teachers I offer Healing Share Circles and Healing Exchange 



Free Resources

There are also a wealth of free connections through

Soundcloud Audio Recordings 

The Resonance Project's Meet Up group and

We Resonate and The Resonance Project blog pages

You can keep connected through the monthly Newsletter 


Transitional plans

Transitional plans work on a multi modality healing system offering treatments dependant on individual circumstances and are developed through intuition. Through this process, all the healing modalities I offer are available in a financially flexible way where we are able, in freedom to explore a wider spectrum of healing and discover what works for you.

Distance Healing and Online Appointments

Through these sessions we can access Reiki Energy Healing, Connections, Consultations, Meditations and Listening Based Therapies at reduced cost or via donation. Connecting virtually is a portal we have open and is available now in these times to remain balanced and nourished. 


Transitional Projects

As full flow expands you are invited to deeper develop your resonance, supported by our network to develop ideas and expand creativity through your own project, we are calling on the wealth of connections in our resonance community to make your dream a reality.

Doula Based Support 

Exploring ecstatic birthing techniques through doula practices and connecting deeply to the divine creative process of conception, pregnancy and birth. The call of importance for this work is paramount in these times, and I feel that parents planning pregnancy and pregnant women deserve accessessable sessions for their journey.

Workshops and Retreats 

Workshops and retreats covering a wide spectrum of healing and are available through a collective of therapists working for accessibility within the resonance project network.  

I am called to work on this basis as a way of expressing and supporting reciprocal cycles of energy I feel are needed today for our world to grow towards all the positive potentials for our futures. 


To discuss your options for your journey, you are invited to make Contact

You can find out more about the accessibility I offer Here


If you would like to make a donation towards your sessions or session's for someone else you can do so Here


Distance and Online
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